Nu-er Stuff

This is sort of a sketch. Real quick-like. I'll probably re-do it later on:

Nu_Stuf (circa october 2009):

I saw a very vivid image in my head and had to solidify it, this is as best as I could manage:

Here are other potential dinosaurs for the above picture, I call this collection "DINO DEMOS"

I did all/most of these couple while working at a local pet store:

(I remember the eyes on the male in the last one were originally blue but I decided to change them in case somebody interpreted that picture as me wanting to shoot my girlfriend. To be fair, I probably wanted to shoot my girlfriend.)

This was the proposed album cover for a proposed mix CD with a blue theme. The mix was scrapped and I don't know if I ever showed this picture to anybody:

This was a picture for a girlfriend for an anniversary (yeah I'm like that (an idiot)) but I chopped the words off!

This image replaced the glownmelby website for three years or so. At one point I attempted to replace the image with a second, less depressing one, but I guess forgot. It was this:
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