Turn of the Century Comics (YEEAAAH~!)
A little history lesson for the hell of it: I got my first computer in 2000 and quickly discovered MSPaint. I started drawing terrible comic strips and I made a website for them (an upgrade from my previous website in which I posted various MSPaint pictures of pants (popcorn pants, wooden pants, funky pants, etc.)). Even at 14 I was aware of how much I sucked yet pushed the strips, calling the website The Idiotic Comic Center. I went on like that for a few months before beginning to learn how to actually use Paint slightly more effectively and realizing that punchlines are hard.
Most of these are pretty embarrassing, but at the same time--I was fourteen when most of these were made. Fourteen, fat, and lonely. Without further ado!

Individual links will open up in new windows. If you'd prefer all the comics on one big page, that can be arranged.

Post-Idiotic Comic Center (these ones are meant to be terrible. The rest, however...)
Vet din mamma att du super? - a strip based on the title of a song.
America Man To Rescue - touching on the subject of terrorism, a little bit of post-9/11 pseudohumor.
Ashton Kutcher's Diary Comic - I actually included this in a school project as a senior.

I.C.C. Comics
Non-series strips
104 St. Bernards - Pickey the Rat was obviously Bizney's mascot.
One Too Many Babies - this is the first of many instances of me making fun of Jon Davis from Korn.
Bobby the Blob - little-known fact: stickmen do not possess ribs. No need!
Boy Meets World - it is... what it is.
Chad Leaves it to Beaver - hey, this isn't even a comic strip!
A Day at the Cheez-It Factory - a tragic tale ending in "THE BOSS'S OFFICE."
Miss Daisy Returns! - I really like that I dropped the black-person dialect in Hoke's thought-bubble.
DEVO Man - and many years later I got into DEVO for-real-for-real.
Five's Story Hour - I don't even care, this one still makes me laugh.
Five To One - I went through my Doors phase without drugs.
Cool Kid George - fuck, these are middle-school inside jokes.
Charlton Heston Attacks - prepare yourself to see more Charlton Heston in comics to come.
Mr. No-Bottom-Jaw - wat
The Lonely Knight - I enjoy how I subtly inserted the initials of the Violent Femmes into the wall. Not sure what IG stands for.
Dr. Lawnmower - I don't--I don't even...
Nikkie the... Nuclear Warhead - Nukie, huh?
Oapy - fuuuuuuuck, more middle school things.
The Parachute Incident - uuuuuuhhhhhhhhmmmmhh.
Pinksta - I sincerely hope this is the last comic based on another person I had to ride a bus with.
Percy the Pixelated Pickle - does the term "cop-out" stand on the tip of your tongue yet?
Poprocks & Toenail Clippin's - this one is either the last or the second-to-last comic made for the original site.
censored... for the people - Ten years later and I still dig the punchline.
The Soda Incident - some things never change (by that I mean I'm still boring).
Win Ben Stein's Bunny - quality control was never an element in the Idiotic Comic Center.
The Treasure Map - E - HEE - HEE - HEE!!
X-Men - aww, poor Five.

The Guy Who Just Stands There And Doesn't Do Too Much (the one that unfortunately started it all!)
TVÅ - I guess I didn't notice the P in the sign was a different color.
FEM - oh no, not MSPaint!
for years I was under the impression that guy6.jpg had mysteriously disappeared but now I've come to accept that I somehow skipped it.

The Planet of the Grapes
The Planet of the Grapes
Escape From The Planet of the Grapes
Return to The Planet of the Grapes
Planet of the Grapes
Beneath The Planet of the Grapes

The Fests (these aren't really comics at all!)
Killfest 2k1 - apparently not the same as Killfest 2001.
Killfest 2001

The Monster
The Monster Attacks a City
The Monster Meets a Fellow Monster - To Be Continued... the start of my empty promises. This one was fortunate, however.

The Magical Talking Knocked-Over Toaster
Upon Meeting Ozzy
Upon Meeting Jon Davis and Eminem

America's Other Funniest Home Videos
The Hunting Incident - this strip became world-reknown for its use of the word crap.


The Bill/Steve Billington Talk Show
Guest Star: Eminem - shiiiiiit
Guest Star: Jon Davis - fuuuuuuuuuck

The Evil Space Cat from the Planet Earth
Get That Cat!
Missed That Cat!

The Showdown (the cream of the crop (the shit crop))
Davis v Cleveland
Davis v Twiztid
Davis v Gonzalez
Davis v Green
like the Guy... series, this is missing a chapter. Phew!
Davis v Cleveland

And that's all! OH YEAH!
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